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Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival
Website Design & Production - 1999-2013

Website Design: Gudrun Krabbe / JSPR
Production: JSPR

Website Design: Gudrun Krabbe / JSPR
Production: JSPR

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Website Design & Production

Website Design & Production

JSPR /Jesper Stevnhoved
Triq Ix-Xatt, San Carlo,
1st floor, 202 The Strand
GZR 1023, IL-Gzira - MALTA

Phone: +356 7986 2402
Skype: jesper.stevnhoved

"Jesper is a very talented graphic design professional. His refined knowledge of culture, his genuine design skills and his sense of visual communication makes him unique among designers. Our co-work on projects - him as designer and me as programmer - worked out flawless, despite the fact we had to overcome a huge geographical distance."
Sincerely, Nikolaj de Fine Licht

"For over a year, Jesper has been a valuable contributor to a multitude of translation projects and has added value to our organisation. His accuracy and sensitivity to detail are key facets to delivering successful translations as well as happy customers, and Jesper has accomplished this with us time after time. I would highly recommend him for your translation needs."
Karl Schroeder, Operations Manager

"Undertegnede har som projektleder for en nystartet festival i Region Syddanmark, syddanskmusikfestival.dk siden foråret 2012 haft et fortrinligt samarbejde med Jesper Stevnhoved, der har fungeret som projektets webdesigner i 2012.

På trods af at Jesper er bosiddende på Malta, har afstanden på ingen måde været en hindring for en hurtig og effektiv kommunikation. Syddansk Musikfestival er en organisation med meget fleksible arbejdstider, og mit klare indtryk er, at Jespers arbejdstider ligeså er meget fleksible. Ønskede ændringer/tilføjelser i tekst og fotos bliver straks ændret, ligesom Jesper gerne kommer med konstruktive forslag til forbed-ringer af præsentation af informationerne.

Jesper Stevnhoved har et indgående kendskab til orkestre og ensembler indenfor den klassiske musik i Danmark, hvilket er en stor fordel i samarbejdet.

Endelig har Syddansk Musikfestival været overordentlig tilfreds med Jespers professional-isme inden for webdesign, og vi ønsker således at fortsætte samarbejdet i 2013.

Jeg kan derfor give Jesper Stevnhoved min bedste anbefaling."

Lina McQuillan, Projektleder
Syddansk Musikfestival

"For several years Jesper Stevnhoved has been an important freelance supplier for my communications and advertising company.
His professional skills in areas as Desk Top Publishing and web design has been a great asset for the quality of my company's output. Jesper's creative abilities and inventive ways of solving problems have also been very valuable for me and my clients. Although Jesper now lives abroad I still enjoy working with him and find our cooperation very inspiring.
Niels Peter Lorentsen

"Jesper Stevnhoved was working for Concerto Copenhagen for 5 years. During this time he was responsible for the orchestra's visual identity as well for as our web site.
Jesper produced a large number of PR material, our season programme as well as adverts and all other print designs.
As most of our activities are abroad, it was always important for us to keep up the highest possible level internationally. When Jesper was responsible, we were at all times confident that our material was competitive, and we were often told by our agents that our visual identity made great impact.
Jesper also studied music, and we immediately felt that this further added to his sense of how to promote us. Our collaboration was very smooth, and we soon gave Jesper Carte Blanche in all matters concerning our graphics design. We were never let down."
I give Jesper my warmest recommendations.

Lars Henriksson Sales & Artistic manager, Concerto Copenhagen

"Jesper Stevnhoved has been developing the Marketing Design of the most distinguished Chamber Music Festival in Denmark from 1998.

Presenting our themes has given the opportunity to him, as our graphics designer, the challenge to illustrate visually not only the most classical traditional icons such as Mozart and Brahms but also Slavic themes, contemporary dance to music of Prokofiev, between the war themes, puppet theatre from Vienna as well as radical contemporary avantgarde icons such as Iannis Xenakis and Luciano Berio.

In collaboration with Jesper Stevnhoved the Festival has developed and also visually portrayed completely different themes annually from year to year."
Michel Camille
Administrative & Artistic Leader

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